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Why Should You Have Your Own Art Gallery, Online?

The Traditional Way of Selling Art

For decades, artists have followed what is called the “traditional” business model for selling art - which is basically doing everything they can to sell through art galleries or publishers, all while hustling at fairs and shows.

These artists typically have a portfolio website which serves as their online business card.

The Contemporary Way of Selling Art

Nowadays, the more contemporary model for selling art is to still sell the traditional way (if it is still working for you),
but to also run your own art gallery, online.

Running your own art gallery online is actually really simple to do, it is inexpensive to launch, and the ongoing costs are extremely low when compared to other businesses.

Artists and photographers who run their own art galleries regularly sell anywhere from
$20,000 to over $100,000 per year

Is this whole "art gallery" concept something you have never heard of before?
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First, You Get a Proper Art Gallery Website
that Helps Buyers Make Decisions


A proper art gallery website includes many other features that focus on the art buyer,
such as the 5 Cornerstone Features to Sell Art Online.

Features matter, because your customer's experience matters.
See how one of our photographers tripled his sales using the Augmented Reality feature

The decision making process of buying art is far more complex when compared to an everyday product.
Therefore, the #1 priority of your website must be to make buying as easy as possible.

Second, You Get All the Back-Office Tools
You Need to Run Your Art Gallery

Print-on-Demand, Order Management, Contact Management, and in-depth Art Gallery Sales and Visitor Analytics are just a few examples of the back-office tools we provide behind your proper art gallery website.

Third, You Get Ongoing Marketing & Business Consulting
to Help You Get More Traffic & Customers

In order to sell more art, you need more people to see it. We show you what to do, when to do it - and how to do it - 365 days a year. We do one-on-one workshops to address the needs of your specific business. We also give you pre-made email templates, subject lines, facebook and instagram templates, and so much more.

Watch this Video as CEO Nick Friend and Marketing Director Patrick Shanahan give you a tour:

Customer Reviews

We have 200+ Five-Star Reviews on Facebook, 100+ on Google, 100+ on Trust Pilot. If you are looking for a company you can trust - look no further. No other company in this industry has anything close (we encourage you to do your own research).

Hufford screenshot k4nubz

Randy photo chs4iv

Randy Hufford
M.photog., CR, PPA certified, Digital Print Master, Photographic Artist

Laca website

"In the first year of opening my art gallery business online with Art Storefronts, I earned a 1700% return on my investment. The marketing coaching is great. Customers rave about the whole buying experience. I totally believe in what you are doing for artists."

Laca avatar

Mathieu Laca, Painter

Kim vergil site screenshot

"Joining this Art supported platform has been the absolute best decision I have made in my Entrepreneur Art Career. I have sold more paintings this year than ever before. I am super excited about being part of Art Storefronts and cannot stress enough how this is a complete game changer for me and my career at this point."

Kim vergil avatar

Kim Vergil, Painter

Bill stidham thumbnail lyeplb

"I switched over to these guys several years ago just in time to hit the Christmas rush. It was a good decision. I had a record Christmas. I am a believer and endorser of their product. If you have any questions from an artist's standpoint, don't hesitate to reach out."

Bill stidham avatar jgbcby

William Stidham, Professional Artist

Susan screenshot niah3a

"When it comes to selling fine art online, you can only compete if you have a storefront that represents your brand in the best light. That's why I decided to go with Art Storefronts. Building the site was fast and easy, and the support and guidance is second to none."

Susan ori76k

Susan Michal, Professional Photographer
M.Photog., Hon.M.Photog.Cr., CPP, ABI

Madaras site

"When I moved my art gallery website to Art Storefronts, my sales immediately increased. I have been with the company for several years am very impressed by the reliability as well as the affordability."

Madaras avatar

Diana Madaras, Painter & Gallery Owner


"Art Storefronts provides the critical art-selling features, as well as the marketing education that professional artists and photographers need to sell their art online and build a sustainable business."

Artsy shark testimonial kwe8uh

Carolyne Edlund, The Artsy Shark
The Artsy Shark (Art Consultant)

We Treat Our Customers like Family

We can only be successful when our customers are successful. It's why we do everything we can to make this happen.
Chat Support, Phone Support, Customer Success Calls are all included.

We Believe Artists & Photographers Should Profit
the Most from their Artwork

We believe that longstanding "industry norms” like restricting customer information from artists and taking 50%+ of an art sale are part of a broken system that enriches middle-men and leaves little for the artist.

The art industry is broken and it is time for change.

Read the Letter our Owner sends to Every New Customer >>

Learn Why the Art Industry is Broken & What We Are Doing About It >>

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We'll also show you how your art will look in augmented reality
(a feature that has tripled sales for one of our customers)

Or, Are You Still Just Learning?

No problem! We have some amazing resources that should help you get some sales going.

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Is this whole "art gallery" concept something you have never heard of before?
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