Referral Program

Why Refer?

Over the years, as the Art Storefronts membership has grown, we have been able to increase the rate at which we add website features, provide better support, increase the size of our marketing and coaching team, increase the amount of educational content we release, increase the amount of art marketing research and studies we can conduct, and so much more.

None of this is possible without all of you. And the more members we have, the more we will be able to do. In other words, as Art Storefronts spreads and more people join the platform, our products and services will be able to improve which means all of you will improve too. We are truly in this together.

We would never ask anyone to refer someone to Art Storefronts unless you believe in the mission and truly want to support us in the spirit of the partnership that links our futures together.

But in the spirit of this partnership, if you do want to support us, we’d love it and we want to give you a great incentive to do so.

We're All in this Together!

How it Works

All the referral needs to do is mention your name when they first inquire, so we can list your name as the referral on their account. Whenever they choose to buy a membership, you will be eligible to earn a referral fee. If someone has never submitted a demo request with us before (we have a permanent record of this date), and they (a) subscribes to our blog, or (b) submits a demo request, or (c) mentions that you referred them - we will track them as a referral from you. When the referral ultimately becomes an Art Storefronts customer, you will be compensated for the referral, as stated in the compensation section below.

When You Get Paid

The following calendar month after the purchase of a membership, we will pay referrals using the paypal email you specify. All referral fee payments are processed via Paypal or can be applied toward your monthly website subscription with Art Storefronts. You must have a paypal account in order to receive your referral payment, if you don't have one, it's free, just go to, to sign up for your account.


Referral compensation amounts are based on the amount of the membership fee collected at the time of sale.

  • membership fee greater than $500 earns a $50 referral payment.
  • membership fee greater than $1,000. earns a $100 referral payment.
  • membership fee greater than $1,500 earns a $150 referral payment.

Compensation will be made in the calendar month following the date that any new customer paid in full for their membership. Referral compensation will be paid based on the dollar amount of the membership fee captured at the time of signup. Referrer will not be paid for any subsequent upgrades, nor for any referrals that were made by their referrer.

Terms are Subject to Change

Please note that compensation amounts are updated at the discretion of Art Storefronts. Art Storefronts may terminate or change this program at any time without notice.

Discounts for your referrals

We are offering three months free for anyone you refer, they can save up to $180.00. This offer is valid for new clients only. Discounts will be applied at the end of the initial subscription period of an annual plan, or after the first month of a monthly plan. This offer is valid through December 31, 2018.

All terms of service for Art Storefronts remain in effect and supersede this program.

This Feature is in Beta Testing

This feature has been released for beta testing. This means it's possible that you might run into a bug. It also means this feature may still be a "work in progress" in terms of functionality -- so if you're expecting perfection, don't use this feature!

We encourage you to use this feature, because your usage will help us find and fix any bugs related to it. It will also help us to fully release this feature in a shorter period of time.

WARNING: If you plan to introduce any custom code in this area, you need to understand the risks involved. This is a courtesy reminder that Art Storefronts Technical Support is not equipped to troubleshoot custom code, and technical support for custom code is not covered by your license.

If you need help after implementing custom code, you will need to contact the web developer and/or person who implemented the custom code.

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