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Randy Hufford
M.photog., CR, PPA certified, Digital Print Master, Photographic Artist www.randyhuffordart.com


"Joining this Art supported platform has been the absolute best decision I have made in my Entrepreneur Art Career. I have sold more paintings this year than ever before. I am super excited about being part of Art Storefronts and cannot stress enough how this is a complete game changer for me and my career at this point."


Kim Vergil, Painter


"I switched over to these guys just in time to hit the Christmas rush. It was a good decision. I had a record Christmas. I am a believer and endorser of their product. If you have any questions from an artist's standpoint, don't hesitate to reach out."


William Stidham, Professional Artist


"When it comes to selling fine art online, you can only compete if you have a storefront that represents your brand in the best light. That's why I decided to go with Art Storefronts. Building the site was fast and easy, and the support and guidance is second to none."


Susan Michal, Professional Photographer
M.Photog., Hon.M.Photog.Cr., CPP, ABI


"Art Storefronts provides lots of features to sell art online. I ran into some questions and problems while setting up my site, but the tech support staff worked with me and went above and beyond to make everything work perfectly so that I could launch on time.

A day later, I received an email from another artist I know who is also building a site on Art Storefronts, and he asked, "Have you noticed that the service has been outstanding?" So, I guess it's not just me!"

The Art World Has Forever Changed
Are You Prepared for What Is Coming?

Most artists are not aware of the massive change that the art industry has been undergoing over the past 5 years and what is being projected for the future. Don't be unprepared. Read the 2015 Hiscox Online Art Trade Report.

According to the BBC on June 27th 2013, "More art is now sold online than in galleries".

In order to survive and thrive as an artist, it is critical that every artist engages the online customer and makes a consistent effort to grow their online business. See the article.

"The value of the online art market was $1 billion in 2013, on track for $2.64 billion this year, and is projected to be worth $6.3 billion in 2019."

The online market is quickly cannibalizing the offline market. As more art sells online, less and less art will be sold in person. Artists who have traditionaly relied on galleries, local art fairs, and other retail stores will be at serious risk.

"Browsing increasingly translates into online sales. The average time spent per visitor will become a significant business driver, as time spent on each site increasingly translates into sales."

Studies show that when potential buyers spend more time browsing your work, this results in more sales. This is another reason why it is critical to provide a top-notch art buying experience on your website, as well as to actively connect and share your images on social media.

"The key to success going forward will be how online art buying platforms keep their audiences engaged and build client loyalty and trust."

Making the first sale is just the tip of the iceberg. Staying in front of your customer and showing them new imagery will keep them engaged and more likely to buy again and share your work with others. Utilizing social media for this is absolutely critical.

"Among those aged 35 and under, 19% said they preferred the online experience. This suggests that art buyers, particularly younger art buyers, are becoming less dependent on the physical gallery or auction house as a destination to buy art. This signals that online platforms play an important role as an entry point for new buyers."

In 5 or 10 years, as the market ages and 30-somethings become 40-somethings, buying art online will become the norm. This audience already expects a robust online experience and as studies show, less and less of them will be visiting galleries and local art fairs to buy art.

"90% of galleries regularly sell art to clients on the basis of a digital image only."

The art gallery market has already shifted, with art galleries are already using the online channel as a way to continually engage their customers and to make more sales.

"The stereotype of younger people being more tech-savvy is simply not true. Most art buyers aged over 65 had bought art directly online."

We've seen this happen already. Despite the pessimism and doubt of many, Amazon disrupted retail bookstores who doubted the importance of the online shopping experience. Today, those doubters are no longer in business.

"The rules are changing, and the online art market continues to force the new and old art worlds to adapt. Going forward it will be critical to offer potential art buyers a choice of channels (offline and online) when acquiring art."

Art buyers have new expectations about how they should shop for art. They should be able to efficiently browse online, find what suits them, do any research they need to do, and then have a choice of making the purchase both online or in person, if necessary.

"Social media has a part to play too as it is irreversibly changing the way consumers find, engage with and buy art."

If all you do is sell in person, you aren't building any future to sell your work. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instragram have become extremely important to share your images, generate traffic to your website, and to convert real sales.

"The most popular medium online remains paintings. Limited-edition prints remain the second most popular medium in the online art market."

The studies show that original paintings are selling better than anything else. Followed by limited editions. So the real question is, how are your originals and/or limited editions selling on your website? If you're not seeing the success you'd like to see, it's time to find out why.

Still Not Convinced that Art is Selling Online?

Perhaps you need some better stats or some more information? Fair enough.

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A Platform to Help You Sell More Art

Your Own Art Ecommerce Website + Marketing Education + Ongoing Coaching

Get a website with all the tools that will convert the maximum amount of visitors into buyers.
Stop guessing and start learning and implementing the strategies that are actually making sales happen.
Receive Ongoing Coaching from Our Experts in our Private Forum

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